273 Pieces Leather Working Tools and Supplies with a Storage Case Basic Leather craft Accessories



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Features: [273Pcs DIY Leatherwork Kit] Contains all the leathercraft tool for punching, engraving, stamping, sewing stitching, rivets and snap fasteners in one kit. Applied for DIY leathercraft, repairing and decorating wristbands, hats, saddles, leather belt, shoes, bags, upholstery and more. [Leather Punch/Groover/Beveling Tool] Includes a ton of tools for punching, beveling and edging7 half-round cutter punch from 10mm to 40mm, 9 hollow punch from 1mm to 5mm, 5 wool daubers for lubricating, 1 wood slicker for grinding edges, beeswax, 25mm hammer with 2 punching pads, 7 in 1 groover and edger beveler, 5 emery board, 1 wood slicker, punching pad, etc. [Easy to Cut Engrave] Swivel carver with flat razor edge is adjustable to fit most hands, freely rotates to make smooth and crisp line and pattern on leather. Comes with a craft carver (with 5 replacement blades), 30cm/12in ruler, and a 30*22cm cutting mat. Good for cutting intricate designs. [Leathercraft Stamping Tools] Includes a lot of stamping punch patterns, letter and number stamps for decorative work. 20 patterns and 36 letter and number stamps is fairly enough to create your own leathercrafts. [Leather Sewing Stitching Kit] Inlcudes a complete leather stitching tools to help you make a bag or to repair stitching on leatherware: 28 sewing needles, 4 flat wax ropes(50m), 2 seam rippers, 2 awls with 3 detachable heads, 1 thimble and scissor, 2 overstitch wheels, 1 stitch punch-pliers with 2-hole and 3-hole punch heads. It is useful for sewing upholstery, furs, mattress, canvas, etc. [Leather Rivets Snap Fasteners Kit] The double cap tubular rivet set comes in 4 colors – gold, silver, bronze and gunmetal; 2 size(dia.) – 6mm and 8mm. Snap-fastener set also comes in 4 colors. Both set come with fixing tool and base. [Well-Made] Many pieces made fron durable steel. The alloy steel construction features high hardness, wearable and anti-corrosion, not flimsy as the cheap one, won’t crack easily. Provides you with solid tools that of long service life.

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