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Polyester Wadding consists of loose polyfill synthetic fibres that are used for in filling stuffing or Interfacing home furnishing items, clothing etc. Polyester wadding is lighter than cotton, it will also keep you warm without the weight. The polyester fibres are stronger and more stable and can withstand repeated washings. As the material is polyester fibre, it allows passage of air. It is easy to handle, washable, pliable and can be puffed if necessary. It retains heat, a property which is useful in garments intended to keep the wearer warm. It is also fire retardant too, making this fibre suitable for home interiors. Wadding of suitable specifications offers an excellent replacement for foam and gives good bounce and cushioning effect since it has almost 80% air. Our polyester wadding is available in 3 weights and 2 widths and used in numerous applications including quilts, mattresses, sofas, sleeping bags, clothing, shoulder pads, pillows, toys, seating, cushions, bra cups, ironing boards, padding, handbags, shoes, Interfacing, caps, car seats, filtration units, insulation for buildings, and many more. The list grows by the day! (Our 6oz wadding is approx 19 21mm thick).

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