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Have a peaceful night with peace of mind with the Callowesse Apprise Baby Breathing Monitor. Feel content knowing full well that the Apprise is monitoring your baby’s breathing and movements whilst in their Crib or Cot. The Callowesse Apprise alarms you when your baby’s breathing falls below the dangerous threshold. The acoustic and visual alarm will sound, alerting you instantly of such instance. Alerting with a loud alarm if breathing stops for more than 20 seconds or if the breathing rate falls below 8 breathes per minute.
When positioning the Apprise Baby Breathing Monitor underneath the mattress, the sensor pad detects the movements of your baby’s chest, sending a signal to the control unit. This confirms regular breathing through a green light. The Apprise can be used for mattresses up to 70 mm depth.
The Apprise sensor pad has a large surface area of 29 x 47cm. This means a large area of your baby’s cot/crib can be monitored. Always ensure the pad is positioned on a flat rigid surface to get best results. (A bed with slatted frames, side-sleeping cribs or Moses Baskets are not suitable for this device). If you wish to increase the range of coverage, please consider purchasing the 2 pad bundle, as additional pads are not available for purchase separately.
The Callowesse Apprise Baby Breathing Monitor can be used for babies up to the age of 1 year.
This Apprise bundle includes:
5m extension cable – to extend the control unit closer to your room, ensuring the alarm can be heard clearly.
Cable adaptor – to connect the extension cable to pad.
2x AA batteries provided for instant use.
1x Cleaning cloth included.
The Apprise conforms to the latest Medical Device Regulations(EU) 2017/745 and IEC 60601.
Please note: The Callowesse Apprise Baby Breathing Monitor will always be shipped to you Factory Sealed. Before you break the seal, please be aware that the Apprise Breathing Monitor, cannot be returned unless faulty. Once the seal has broken, a ‘void’ marking will appear

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