Compressport 3d Thermo Ultralight Racing Compression Hoodie



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There is sportswear designed for the plains and gentle hills. And there is sportswear designed for scaling heights. The 3D Thermo UltraLight Racing Hoodie is worn by our fastest skimo athletes and trail runners. Though it weighs but 188g its high-tech properties guarantee exceptional thermoregulation and comfort during intense efforts. The 3D Thermo fibres ensure the body is maintained at a constant temperature regardless of your effort or the air temperature. Sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away to keep the body dry in anticipation of chilly descents. Our new improved fit is adjusted without being compressive: the strechy seamless microfibre design fits ergonomically to any bodyshape with zero irritation or chafing. With a fitted hood and funnel neck that can be pulled up into a buff your head neck and nose are protected from chilly gusts and snow. The Raglan sleeves offer targeted compression on the biceps and forearms for extra support and muscle freshness while a light postural support is also woven between the shoulderblades for a helping hand when you begin to fatigue. If you’re not already wearing it you can easily stow this featherweight hoodie into your pocket or pack and hit the trail. Good to know: The 3D Thermo UltraLight Racing Hoodie meets the mandatory requirements of ultra trail equipment lists. KEY BENEFITS Maximum thermoregulation thanks to a special microfibre weave which acts as an air mattress between skin and air to keep you dry and warm in chilly conditions Extreme lightness! The hoodie is made from ultra-thin featherweight microfibre material you will barely feel you’re wearing Optimal comfort and zero irritation thanks to the stretchy seamless microfibre weave and ergonomic design

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