Einhell Power X-Change Einhell Power X-Change PRESSITO – Hybrid Compressor (Bare Unit)


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The best of both worlds: Battery & mains operation; The hybrid compressor combines the best performance features of reliable mains operation and mobile battery operation: The compressor, which has a 3-piece inflation adapter set, features a high-pressure pump for pumping air into car and cycle tyres, making it not only a perfect addition for the garage, but ideal for use out on the road as well. For sport, too, the compressor is also a practical helper for inflating balls right where the action is or giving tyres a final check before a big bike tour. The low-pressure pump enables air mattresses or rubber dinghies to be inflated in next to no time, and the low-pressure suction function helps make quick work of deflating. The compact and light hybrid compressor can be stowed away easily and, thanks to the rechargeable battery, can also be taken along in the car. *Bare Unit only. Use with your existing batteries and charger.

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