Einhell Power X-Change Einhell Power X-Change TE-AC 36/6/8 Li OF Set-Solo 3.1cfm 6Litre Cordless Air Compressor (Bare Unit)


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The Einhell cordless compressor: So you never run out of air! The Einhell cordless compressor is a multifunctional item of basic equipment for mobile and stationary applications. Compressors can be used on a general basis in the workshop and garage and for renovation and restoration work. Using the right air tools from Einhell to go with it, you can apply lacquer and paint in next to no time, and apply preservative oil to wood either selectively or over a large area. It can also be used for easily blowing dust, wood chips, etc., off work surfaces. Also, being a member of the high-quality Power X-Change series, a mobile, high-performance cordless compressor can also be used for leisure activities too, with minimal effort right where its power is needed. This all-round helper effortlessly pumps up car, motorbike and cycle tires, as well as balls and air mattresses. Bare Unit – Use with your existing Einhell Power X-Change batteries and charger. Click to see the whole Einhell Power X-Change range.

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