Gardigo Milbenblocker 70490 Mite repeller (W x D) 65 mm x 70 mm 1 pc(s)



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Most people know that mites cause allergies! There are mites in almost every bed and mattress – year after year and day after day. So we inevitably meet them when we get to bed, until the next morning. Mites feed on our skin scales and they are so small that they are not recognized by the naked eye. Reduce this invisible but annoying problem with the Gardigo mite blocker. The device sends out impulses, which impair the reproduction of the mites and thus the mites are significantly reduced after approx. 3 – 5 months. Less mites means less mite droppings and less allergic problems for humans.The fine-tuned electronics ensure a constant function. The integrated LED light helps you to find your way around in many situations. Instead of having to use complicated cabling, the Gardigo mite blocker can now be used immediately in all imaginable places without any connection.This text is machine translated.

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