Kaercher 2.863-255.0 Nozzle set 1 pc(s)



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The VC cleaning set also makes it very clean where ordinary vacuum cleaner accessories reach their limits. The set contains 8 different accessories – ideal for use in the whole house. With the angle brush, dust can be removed under furniture and household appliances as well as from spaces, e.g. between furniture and walls. The upholstery nozzle quickly and easily removes dirt and dust from sofas, mattresses, curtains, chairs etc. The crevice brush is perfectly suitable for the vacuuming of cabinets, radiators, blinds etc. The crevice nozzle with brush attached is ideal for cleaning difficult accessible areas, e.g. window blinds. The rubberized hair removal attachment for the crevice tool makes it very easy to suck up hair of all kinds. The soft brush prevents scratches when cleaning sensitive surfaces. Thanks to the flexibly adjustable joint, very difficult to access areas, such as e.g. threads on cabinets/shelves or the rear wall of a sofa, can be cleaned easily. And with the included hose adapter, all the accessories contained in the set can be easily connected to the suction hose / handle of the VC 2 and VC 3 devices. Conclusion: The VC cleaning set is an accessory set, which simplifies all tasks around vacuuming and makes the work much more efficient.This text is machine translated.

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